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All You Need To Know About Indoor Bike Storage

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Having a bike with no space to store it, can be quite a headache, especially, when you're living in a small apartment. Or having multiple bikes belonging to different members of the family but with limited space to store them could also be a problem.


There are several ways for storing your bikes indoors, depending on how often they are used by you or the family, or whether or not you are storing them for good, or just until you need them for a quick ride. 


If you are looking for a permanent solution, then mounting them high up on the ceiling or wall is a good idea unless you are living in a rented apartment. And if your goal is to keep them organized, close, and yet out of the way, you could set them up on the floor or the walls at a height you can reach to grab the bike when you need it. 



Kinds of Indoor Bike Storage Racks

There are four major types of bike storage racks that you could choose from if you want to keep your bikes organized and out of your way.

  • Floor Stands
  • Freestanding Racks
  • Wall Stands
  • Ceiling Stands



Floor Stands

If you love to keep things organized and accessible whenever need be, then the floor stands are just the thing for you. Especially if you have kids at home who love riding bikes, these stands are the best option for you.


This type of bike stands is quite simple and easy to handle. There isn’t any complicated installation procedure required. They don’t need to be fixed. You just have to pick a place for them in your home and set them there.


Should you ever need to change their position, you can easily do so by picking the rack up and placing it at its new spot. They're also kid-friendly but they might take up more space than any other type of bike rack would. They might also not be suitable for most small-sized bikes. Examples of floor bike stands include metal floor racks, simple houseware bike racks, and adjustable stands, etc.


Freestanding Racks

Freestanding racks don’t require the support of the wall or the ceiling to keep them stable. They hold their own ground and are easy to install. They can also be moved from one spot to another without much hassle.


However, these stands might be a bit of a challenge for kids to handle. The first bike will be easier to set up but the higher it gets, the more difficult it would be. The floor to ceiling column is one of many examples of freestanding racks. 

Wall Stands

Wall stands are further divided into vertical wall stands and horizontal wall stands based on the way bikes are parked on them.


Horizontal Wall Stands would take up lesser floor space but might end up covering most of your wall. They're not kid-friendly and even though setting the first bike is easy, arranging the subsequent bikes could be a challenge.


Some of these wall stands don’t require to be installed but most of them do.  They’re quite stable as well. Pedal Racks, Hiplock Airlock, and Delta Cycle Michelangelo Bike Stand are just some examples of horizontal wall racks.


Vertical Wall Stands take comparatively lesser wall space and are easier to handle. However, they do use up a significant amount of floor space and might be a little difficult for kids to handle since the bikes are hung from their wheels. Steady rack vertical bike rack is one of the many examples of vertical bike racks.


Ceiling Stands

Ceilings stands are the best option in case of limited storage space but they only work well in places with higher ceilings. They might not take much effort in adding or removing bikes but the process itself is quite time-consuming.


This type of bike storage is not for kids. It’s more of a permanent solution than a temporary one. Examples of ceiling stands are Racor vertical pulley system, Floaterhoist horizontal pulley system, and Saris ceiling rack, etc.


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